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Zohoorian industries established in 1951 producing industrial chairs and desks in the first years of its career, leading to the production of log burners, oil, and gas heaters in the following years. The company name was changed to Mashhad zohoor. In1993 officially licensed to produce indoor gas heaters.

2004 industrial heater launch

Throughout the years of experience and working on different type of heaters we have always been trying to improve the quality and enhance the design which made us able to produce the industrial gas heaters as a very innovative and sophisticated work in early 2004

2011 Series B launch

The success of the previously made industrial gas heaters helped the company to move another step forward in 2011, in order to satisfy the customers and as a creative look to the future of heating systems for the first time and exclusively industrial gas heaters equipped with swing dampers were invented and designed by the company.

2019 Luxurious log burner

Fulfilling the desire to fill one other empty slot in Iranian market the brand new log burners made and designed with the highest possible precision in 2019.It consist an iron-cast head, heat resistant front glass and two temperature adjusting switches on the sides.

In 2020 we successfully acquired the certification of ISIRI (22144) for unit heaters made by mashhad zohoor (Non-domestic gas fired forced convection air heaters)

Later in 2022, evaporative coolers were added to our products line-up


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